OnlyFans Clone App

OnlyFans Clone App

An Avant-Garde Content Subscription App           

Eliminate the boredom and elicit the craziness in your customers with a subscription-based social media platform. Build a 100% secure OnlyFans clone and tune into the subscription-based entertainment industry. Time to step up! Join the club with full power!

OnlyFans Clone / TipSnaps Clone

Launch Your Premium Social Media Subscription App Today!

Compared to the other social media platforms, this subscription-based social media app spiked in its popularity in just a couple of years.

For aspiring entrepreneurs like you, we create a premium subscription-based platform that contains not just the fundamental features but is incorporated with advanced features. We also provide an app with features of eCommerce marketplaces and video streaming sites. Because we won’t settle! Alongside, our solution is scalable, making it easier for you to reach users in every nook and cranny of the world. Millions of users can watch live or on-demand videos smoothly.

Prodigally speaking, it is a complete package of bounties from our team of industry-leading professionals to you!

So, why wait? Emerge into the premium content subscription app market with Appdupe’s feature-enhanced app like OnlyFans. The pandemic is here, & so is your time to become popular.

What is OnlyFans Clone Software ?

OnlyFans clone/ TipSnaps clone is a white-label content subscription solution that’s devoid of the archaic and anarchic restrictions on content that can be shared. They pave the way of plunging into a world of limitless content, where anything from erotic to recreational videos can be shared without the clamps of curation. The ability to monetize this content is what sets our solutions apart from the rest as performers can share their clips and videos, which can be accessed only when a user subscribes to the profile.

Drenched in a stellar array of features, the celebrity content subscription solution can be customized end-to-end and can be launched in the market in a matter of a few days. All that is required is just a single click!

Launch a Premium Celebrity Subscription and Interaction App

With Appdupe

How Have We Perfected The Subscription-Based Business Model For Celebrities With OnlyFans Clone?

Being bestowed with impeccable expertise in the coveted subscription-based model vertical, we have deduced the nitty-gritty so as to proffer you with best-in-class content subscription service like OnlyFans and TipSnaps. Our solution is pivoted with the headlining aspect of the original – the subscription-based monetization technique.

With an astonishing array of payment options, a user is flooded with choices to avail the subscription that comes in a diverse range of packages, each flaunting a set of perks and benefits, excluding the access to profiles. This intuitively eliminates the potency of any phishing activities, infusing an overtone of serene security among fans and creators. Coupled with the unassailability of the payment options, our white-label celebrity subscription app solution – TipSnaps Clone elevates the robustness of this model into Himalayan heights.

Premium Addon – Launch NFT Based OnlyFans App Clone

Tokenize The Contents To NFTs And Sky-Rocket Your Earnings

A celebrity content subscription platform means a user has to pay the content creator to view the contents they post on the platform. With the rise of NFTs and seamless blockchain technology, Appdupe recommends you join us and build an app like OnlyFans, where the creators’ contents can be minted to NFTs and sold or set to auction. This could help content creators generate monumental prices for the contents they create, rather than the petty subscription fees they charge.

By tokenizing content, the exclusivity of the content leaps high along with the battle to own it. With this surge in the volume of funds revolving in the app, the commission fees you gain could be a surplus. Why settle for low commissions when you can earn more with a slight ting of blockchain integration and tokenization of contents.

Benefits Of Integrating NFTs In Sites Like OnlyFans

Offers creators a sense of ownership

Exclusive contents that cannot be divided or duplicated

Monumental price for the contents than petty subscription fees

Increased security of data with blockchain technology

Transparency on the ownership details of contents with decentralised ledgers

Major Benefits
That The Subscribed Users Will Get From The Celebrities in Our Solution

Private Content

Users are empowered to steer through an ocean of unseen videos, never-seen-before clips, personalized wishes, expert opinions of their favorite celebrities. Simply riveting!

Stellar Social Connection

Go beyond the shades of conventional multimedia sharing functionality to facilitate a rooted relationship with celebrities, coupled with the ability to connect with them through video/audio and text messages.

Learning Materials

Apps like OnlyFans dazzle users with a legion of educational content morphing into the forms of short-video lectures, recorded seminars, presentations, access to paid journals, etc.

Personalized Consultations

Besides loads of digital benefits, users can also experience tangible services like personalized craftworks, customized arts, opinion expressions, and much more.

Community Service

Users can interact with various fan communities committed to a celebrity and share ideas, exchange interests, experiences, and indulge in various social welfare activities.

Behind-The-Scene Content

Edify users with a peek into what goes into the production of various visual and audio content. This way, fans can dissect the entire process and appreciate the content much better.

Promotional Merchandise

Entitle your users with the capacity to flag the heights of their reverence towards celebrities by purchasing personalized merchandise such as T-Shirts, stickers, prints, etc. in your OnlyFans App Clone.


What’s more exciting than coming into the possession of classic content from their favorite celebrities! This way, users can snag into the old content churned out by the creators.

How Do Apps Like OnlyFans Work?

In this social media platform, users must pay a subscription fee in order to view the profiles they want to follow on the site. The media contained within posts is fully hidden until the point of purchase, at which point the subscriber can view all of the content.

For a content creator, the OnlyFans Clone / TipSnaps Clone works a lot like other social media sites like Instagram and Facebook but your content is hidden until your fans subscribe to you, for a price that you set. Then you get paid 80% commission on all income. You can also earn from PPV messages and receive tips from your fans.

It is basically a social media site that allows content creators to charge a fee in the form of subscription fees for their content. Fans who subscribe to the creator’s page can view all the relevant content for the paid price.

What Are The USPs Of An App Like OnlyFans?

Zero Restrictions

Arguably, the defining feature of our content subscription solution where there is virtually no curtailments or limitations to the nature of content that can be shared by the creators.

Multiple-Revenue Streams

A single revenue stream is boring, and that’s why we have permeated our solution with plentiful income streams, ranging from subscriptions, transaction fees, promotional charges, sponsored fee, to name some.

One-Time Investment

There isn’t any nagging requirement of recurring fees for the usage of platforms like OnlyFans. You are made the sole valid owner of the offering the moment you purchase the source code.

Limitless License

Reign over this remunerative business vertical for a lifetime, as we bequeath you with a permanent license to enjoy the proprietorship of the premium content subscription solution.


Suffusing entrepreneurs with immersive freedom, our engineers readily install and host the solution at the platform of your choice and convenience besides suggesting certain servers with a stellar track record.

Instant Updates

We reinforce a sense of technical and market relevancy into our solution by conferring you with regular updates and upgrades. Functionality and privacy are secured!

Astonishing Features of OnlyFans Clone App

Why Use Our OnlyFans Clone App
To Start Up Your Personalized Celebrity Content Subscription Platform?


Leverage the universal appeal for adult content sharing and streaming app solutions. With the capacity to access and share restricted content, the OnlyFans like app solution comes as an attractive value proposition for millions of users.


Users can strike a deep social connection with their favorite stars through one-on-one video calls, personalized messages, customized video content, etc.


Various subscription bundles can be availed on by the users through a multitude of payment methods, including an exclusive, rechargeable electronic wallet.

How to Boost User Engagement
In OnlyFans Clone App Development?

Engagement Technology Integration

By percolating the content subscription solution with our premier member engagement technology, user engagement can be unprecedentedly propelled.

Customized User Experience

By deliberately recreating apps like OnlyFans with the intrinsic streaks of ideation driven by your brand image, ingrained user experience can be designed, which is devised to cause an upsurge in customer retention metrics.

Word-Class Feature Bundles

Ramp up the arsenal of the creators with the flair to devise and promote unique events and allied activities, which goes hand-in-hand with the users’ competency to access them through striking features like in-app chat, calendar integration, live calling, etc.

Promotional Push Notifications

In order to keep your users hooked on the app, launch out a legion of updates about the latest happenings, offers, exclusive discounts, access to resources etc., through email campaigns, text messages, or through in-app push notifications.

Advanced Analytics

Our solution is embedded with rooted feedback mechanisms like polls, surveys, and questionnaires that can deduce the performance and impact of various marketing efforts diverted into the app, which are consolidated into insightful reports.

Revenue Model
Of Our OnlyFans Clone Script / TipSnaps Clone Script

This subscription-based app allows both content creators and app admins to earn through multiple revenue streams. Here are some of the most popular streams of revenue in our solution,

Premium Subscriptions

Models can set their subscription fee by themselves. Starting from a specified amount per month, they can charge any amount from the fans as membership fee. There is no upper limit. This allows models to leverage their popularity and business skills.

Live Streaming

Models can run live broadcasts where users can send tips with different requests.

Premium Messaging

Users can connect with models using personal premium message options in the OnlyFans clone. Messages are operated on the pay-per-view method. Users may submit free messages to the models, but they have to pay to see the model’s answer.

Launch your Content Subscription App like OnlyFans with Us

Requirement Analysis

We immersive ourselves with our extended sense of requirements, needs, and app vision.

Payment Integration

The various payment gateway modules and options are holistically integrated in the app.

Notifications Integration

Promotional tools such as Email, SMS, and in-app push notifications are set up with OnlyFans Clone App Development.

API Integration

The essential API and requested third-party APIs are seamlessly integrated into the app.

Server Setup

The completely developed app is deployed in any server as per your convenience.

App Store Submission

We take the mantle of submitting the app in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Support and Maintenance

Our experts are available 24*7 to assist you in any of the possible support silos.

How Do We Develop your OnlyFans Clone App?

Analysis and Planning

The moment you confirm our collaboration, our crew of subscription video service experts joins forces with you to decode your expectations, exact app requirements, and vision. This is followed by us providing you with a full-fledged planner with clear milestones.

Design and Development

We wireframe every single app screen and diligently design various iterations of the UI. Using groundbreaking technological advancements, we code out apps like OnlyFans in its entirety and stimulate it with robust backend functionality.

Why Is OnlyFans Clone App A Bankable Business?

The entertainment industry is one industry that has been witnessing a continuous surge despite the pandemic and other shortcomings. The digital subscription-based content industry is another industry that has been soaring high, with people being shut down in their homes. Loneliness and the inability to reach loved ones physically have made people lookout for an alternative entertainment. This need has spiked the subscription-based content industry to a never seen before surge.

The industry has witnessed a whopping 24 million registered users and a fabulous 450,000 content creators. While people stay at home subscribing to exclusive contents, this industry has generated $725 million.

Not stopping here, it has been witnessing a stable rise with around 200,000 users signing up to the app every 24 hours and around 7000 to 8000 creators enrolling themself to entertain this huge user base. You launching an OnlyFans clone app now can yield you a lifetime’s fortune.

Premium Features
of Our Celebrity Content Subscription Solution like OnlyFans

PPV Messaging

PayPerView messaging allows content creators to send paid content to their subscribers directly. Attach your media and name the price.


Tipping is a great way to earn money in many of today’s services industries. We have brought that same concept to our solution with the ‘tipping’ option. Tipping offers the content creators an extra means of revenue and the fans an opportunity to prove that they care.


Streaming helps you to connect with your followers in real-time, and partnerships will increase the degree of interaction and involvement between the two creators concerned. Dual-streaming allows you to do it all, plus it’s fun broadcasting with friends.

Go Live

The GoLive function allows content creators to stream with ease and efficiency. These streams can be saved as videos that are uploaded to your page once the stream is over. When any of your fans decide to see your stream but are unable to access it while you’re online, they can always catch up later.

Subscription Bundles

Subscription bundles allow you to establish your channel and grow your fan base in an effective manner. Subscribers usually tend to subscribe for a month. Our bundles incentivize subscribers to take up 3,6 or even 12 month subscriptions at a reduced price. This not only saves them money but allows content creators to gain more subscribers with the help of offers and reduced rates. A win-win for both creators and their subscribers.

Congratulate Top Fans

Offering unique material to followers is a perfect way to capture their focus. Offering personalized content to specific fans and rewarding the most faithful supporters has been made simpler than ever. Grow your fanbase like never before with this highly interactive feature in your OnlyFans clone script.


For content creators who wish to take up a communal initiative, we have introduced fundraising features. Creators can set up fundraising projects for the charity of their choice with this helpful feature. Fans who wish to help can do so safely. We focus on fostering a sense of community with our content subscription app solutions.

Why Choose
AppDupe for your OnlyFans Clone App Development?


Our track record speaks for itself. We have launched many subscription-based social media apps to roaring success over the past few years.

Satisfied Customers

More than half our new projects come from recommendations of our satisfied customers  over the past few years.

Lasting Relationships

We believe in building long lasting relationships with our customers over the past few years.

Cutting Edge Solutions

We strive to stay ahead of the curve by equipping ourselves with the latest technology in the market while developing apps like OnlyFans.

Specialist Employees

We employ only the best. All our personnel, whether they are developers, analysts or marketing professionals, are some of the best in the industry.


We pride ourselves on being completely transparent. We will keep you up to date at every step of the way..


We offer world-class development services at a fraction of the cost without compromising on quality.

Tech Stack

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, of course. Your OnlyFans clone script is compatible with all devices.

Yes. As a content creator, all the contents you publish in the app are secure. However, it is expected to watermark all your contents as add-on security.

The payment methods used in the OnlyFans clone are secured, and the payments are anonymous as most of the users do not prefer their names to be revealed.

-The content creators can choose their mode of generating revenue from the various options available.

-The creator assigns a fixed price to their piece of work and charges the user with the same.

-The user will have to subscribe to the content creator on a timely basis to keep witnessing all their content.

-The user can show their love for the content creators by tipping them anonymously.

-The creators can mark their best content as exclusive content and allow the users to witness it for a huge price.

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