• Automation

    From packaging juice boxes to delivering pizza in self driving vehicles, automation is fast climbing the food chain from doing routine tasks to a lot more complex, decision making tasks. Read More

  • Facial Recognition

    Your face will become the ideal technology partner by 2020. What started with iPhone X with its face ID will be taken ahead by a number of industries who would… Read More

  • NLP

    The majority of the businesses employing them to redefine their customer engagement policies. However, by 2020 chatbots would reach a whole different level with the integration of NLP. Read More

  • Voice

    The future belongs to Voice. Google recently revealed that 20% of the searches on its mobile app and Android services are made by voice, and this number is going to… Read More

  • LiFi

    It is a technology related to telecommunications but can have significant impact on information technology. LiFi is a communication technology which is 100 time faster than WiFi. It takes the… Read More

  • Seamless Voice Recognition (Conversation with Machines)

    Voice recognition technology has always been viewed as a helping but unreliable assistance. But all that may change in 2018 with the rise of sophisticated voice and speech recognition technology. Read More

  • 5G Technology

    4G technology reached its peak in application in the year 2017 and 2018 has been predicted as the year which finally gives us the next set of communication technology in… Read More

  • Wearable Tech

    Track your health using technology that is wearable and helps you measure the status of your health when you exercise. Wearable technology comes with many features that are futuristic and… Read More

  • Edge Computing

    Edge computing is the key factor in making IoT (Internet of Things) work. There has been an unprecedented rise in data generation which has led to an increase in demand… Read More